What is SoulWork Club?

SWC is a body, mind and soul experience that focuses on high-intensity workouts, healthy and balanced SoulFood designed to get you results, meditation and mindfulness practices to connect to your soul and juicy desire, all while helping you love yourself and your body every step of the way.

Developed by Johanna Hector in 2018, SoulWork Club is an extension of her many years of experience in the fitness and yoga community. She has created concepts such as Global Yoga, RockingFit, Nike Free to name a few and has been an Elite Nike Trainer and expert in Women's Health, and has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer. Becoming a mother of two, Johanna searched for inspiration online to continue her personal transformation but couldn’t find a program that included all the parts she was thirsty for. It was either just fitness, fitness and food or only soul-searching, meditation and mindfulness. She wanted the real deal, to work on the inside (release stress, bring forth pleasure and creativity), the outside (sweat, move, physical challenges and fun workout combinations), and have the energy to stay focused and on track (a food plan that supports the process, gives you the results you deserve and is long-term vs. many of the diets out there that are quick fixes and leave women losing/gaining weight like a yo-yo and feeling guilty about almost anything they put into their mouth). So she decided to create it together with her favorite top coaches and entrepreneurs!

SoulWork Club is an online club open 24/7 worldwide. Our goal is to guide women through the ultimate experience of physical, mental, and emotional health. And we do it with:

Training - Expect improved strength, mobility and more energy + a ton of fun :)
Food - Get guidance towards a healthy relationship with food, where all diets are welcome as long as they are a conscious choice that helps you be the best version of you!
Soul - Remember that buzzing feeling when your soul comes alive and your desire is dripping from your lips, when your body is both a temple and a fun fair? Raise your hand if you wanna go there!
Community - Sisterhood, community, and connection take the place of competition, criticism, and doubt. Welcome to a club where all of you is welcome, even the lazy, dark, shady sides. And the bright, loud and extravagant sides too! All of you is welcome and supported here. We’re growing into a worldwide community of #swc where women cheer each other on, offer advice, support, and daily encouragement.

What do you get?

Training - We know that it’s hard to do that extra mile on your own, that’s why we are with you during the entire workout, just press play. Every workout comes with a full-length video and a pdf. If you want to listen to music while you are training play one of our suggested Spotify lists or play your own favorite music. Our programs are great for all fitness levels! If the program includes high-intensity training we always offer different levels and the timed intervals can always be performed in your own pace. The same thing goes with the yoga and mobility programs. You can find more info on each program here

  • Full-length workout videos (in English)
  • Workbook to print/download
  • Daily workout guide for the entire program
  • Additional workouts such as cardio, meditation, mobility and yoga
  • Perfect for busy schedules
  • Workouts can be done anywhere
  • Motivating workout playlists
  • Some programs require equipment (check the specific program)


Food - Progress is 70-80% what you eat and 30-20% enhanced by your training routine. That’s why we always include information on SoulFood in our programs. So that you can see and feel the results you’ve been working so diligently for. The content is different for each program but they all have options to suit all preferences (ranging from vegan to omnivore). SoulFood is not about restricting food, it’s about ensuring your body is fueled throughout the day, so you feel energized, healthy, and closer to your goals. Focusing on the quality of food will allow you to feel satisfied and see results!

  • Meal plan guide
  • Simple tips to maximize your results
  • Tips for clean eating
  • Guidance on emotional eating
  • Recipe guide


Soul - Most of us swim in a sea of indecision where our “logic” seems at odds with our intuition, and where we struggle to hear our truth. We have been taught to shut down our feelings and instincts and listen intently to the expectations of others. The truth is, to have a vibrant, rich, and satisfying life, we have to fill ourselves up. And at the end of the day, it’s the best thing you can do for those in your life—because a restored, lit up, turned on YOU has a whole lot more to both enjoy and give! Whatever it is that you desire, it is going to be an inside job. First, we set the intention, then we move and eat from this place of connection.

  • Videos of practices such as guided meditation, relaxation, and restorative movement
  • Talks on setting the intention before you enter each new phase of the program
  • Workbook with tools, practices and beautiful teachings to help you connect
  • A holistic view of the human being, everything affects everything


Our comprehensive Body, Food, and Soul approach will give you:

  • Better sleep
  • More energy 
  • Less stress and anxiety 
  • Less tension and pain in the body


Community - You’ll get 24/7 access to our private Facebook group where you will receive encouragement, witness, and support from the community. There will be places to post your progress, share your intention and integration, find a workout buddy, and network! This is a place you can come and share no matter how you’re doing or what you’re feeling. It can be a source of inspiration and support. You might be surprised at how much value stems from participating in the group—we’ve seen women share so vulnerably and profoundly that it’s made a difference not only to themselves but to the other women witnessing them. 

What kind of results can I expect?

SoulWork is designed to reconnect you with the deepest part of yourself using the body as a vehicle. The tools you’ll learn will help you channel this new source of power towards the areas you most desire to shift. Here are some of the core life areas that tend to transform in a woman’s life as a result of her SoulWork experience…


Body & Confidence

It’s nearly impossible to be a woman in this culture without some level of disapproval, disconnection, and insecurity when it comes to your body and your sense of confidence in the world. It’s one of the most damaging byproducts of being raised in today's society. All SoulWork programs are designed to turn all of that around in a joyful and effective way. Often for the first time, our members get to feel what it is like to be celebrated and activated, exactly as they are. Additionally, you’ll receive specific tools and practices that will change your internal dialogue and give you the courage to play a bigger game. When this comes into play, the physical movement becomes a celebration of your body instead of punishment or trying to force it into change. 


SoulWork is designed to strengthen your relationship with yourself. You’ll be supported and trained to access and express your truth (which is a powerful catalyst to transform every relationship in your life). From a place of deep connection with themselves, our members report falling in love, reconnecting with estranged family members, and creating thriving friendships. Other members finally find the strength they need to leave relationships that are no longer serving them or confront conflicts that need attention.

Sisterhood & Community

Sisterhood is one of the most undervalued forces in the world of women today, and many of us are suffering in its absence. SoulWork gives women an experience of what’s possible when real connections with other women are made. This begins to repair the disconnection, competition and hurt that so often overshadow our relationships with other women.

Healing & Reclamation

Above all, SoulWork is a reclamation of what has always been your birthright: your radiance, your life force, and the part of you that is not—and has never been—broken. Through the practices and community, many of our members experience deep healing and a new level of freedom for themselves.

About the community

One of the most important aspects of a new health and fitness journey is having daily support from those around you. As much as this may seem like a purely physical journey, it is just as emotionally challenging as it is physically. When you begin your SoulWork journey, you will be able to connect with the SoulWork community who will be there to support and encourage you, day in and day out. Not only will the other #SoulWorkSisters be there for you, but Johanna and your coaches will be too!

We are a community of diverse, strong, and determined women from all over the world and we can’t wait for you to join us!

Studies have shown that those who join a community, interact, and receive daily support are 80% more likely to be successful on their journey.

You deserve the antidote to your overload. You deserve an inexhaustible connection to your deepest truth, highest inspiration, and wisest source of guidance. You deserve a life that feels like an unstoppable stream of magic.