Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people ask us most frequently

Do I need a gym membership to do the training?

If you would like to do the workouts in a gym, you absolutely can but it is not required! You can work out at home, at the park, wherever you are most comfortable. Some programs require equipment such as flex band, booty band, jumping rope or a yoga mat. All items can also be substituted with other equipment if you need.

What type of workouts are included in the training part?

Our different programs all have a specific focus which makes it unique and this goes for the training part as well (read more about that under each specific program). But generally we always aim to include high intensity, strength, resistance, plyometric training, mobility and relaxation.

The workouts are generally structured like this:

• Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Strength Training Circuits with ab training: 20-30 minutes long.
• Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Optional Cardio + work-in: Total time 30-45 minutes long.
• Sunday is a full rest day.


The  work-ins are sessions to help you release tension, stress and increase mobility and toning.

• Yoga, Power Yoga, Detox yoga
• Mobility work, stretching
• Relaxation, restorative practices, meditation

What fitness level is the training designed for?

The training part in our programs is designed for all fitness levels. It is a mix of high intensity, strength, resistance and plyometric training. Depending on your level, you are able to choose which alternatives you would like to do for the exercises. We give you options to choose from in each workout, therefore you can customize the training according to your fitness level.

Once you’ve worked through the workouts a few times you can choose the tougher options for continuous progress and long-term results.

What is the time duration of the workouts?

Each workout only takes 30 minutes, the cardio is around 20-55 minutes, and the work-ins range from 10-40 minutes. The combination of these two will help you to both tone your body and boost your energy at the same time. Our programs are about working out smarter, not harder! The best of both worlds is what will help you get results.

What workout equipment is required?

For most workouts you don’t need any equipment. No gym equipment is required so you can complete your workouts from home or the gym. Some workouts require a flex band, a booty band, jump rope or a yoga mat. 

Are there videos of the workouts?

Yes! There are full length videos of every workout, we’re doing it together with YOU!

Are there stretching and mobility videos?

Yes! We place great value on mobility work, stretching, yoga and overall rehabilitation in order to prevent injury and to stay fresh and energized. These videos are what we call the ”work-in”.

What is Simplero ID?

Your Simplero ID is your username. Simplero is the host of this platform and they provide you with Simplero ID and a password when signing up. Forgot your Simplero ID or password? Just click "Log In" and you can have it sent to your email.

Does the program provide weekly tips?

Absolutely! To make any journey a successful one, providing support and encouragement is key. The SoulSurf section provides weekly videos and PDFs that include tips and encouragement. You can also get weekly inspiration from the SoulWork Club FB group and our Instagram

Does SoulWork Club provide information on all things training, food and soul?

Yes! One of the many amazing parts of this club is all the information, education and guidance. Your coaches help you learn how to create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Our different programs cover all types of cardio, how to find your maximum heart rate, breathing techniques, macronutrients, healthy eating tips and so much more depending on your needs and desire.

How do I sign up for a program?

You can sign up at by creating an account and instantly get access to the web-based membership. Each program is a one-time investment and the program is yours for 9 months. 

On how many calories is the personal SoulFood guide based?

The personal SoulFood guide includes information on how to customize the meals based on a person’s weight, activity level and goals. We suggest that you choose the plan that suits your personal needs, as each person requires different amounts of food based on the factors mentioned above.

What countries is SoulWork Club available in?

SoulWork Club is currently available world-wide through our website

How do I join the SoulWork Community?

The SoulWork community primarily exists on Instagram and Facebook. Once you join a program, you get an invitation to our private SoulWork FB Club. You can also find fellow SoulWork Surfers on Instagram, search the tag #soulworkclub and start connecting, encouraging and sharing.

To join the SoulWork Club Exclusive Newsletter, where we will send exclusive monthly tips, please sign up at bottom of this page.

What type of food are included in the SoulFood guides?

SoulFood focuses on whole, natural foods. We believe in eating food that will help you be healthy, have energy, help regulate your metabolism, and still enjoy delicious meals! SoulFood is not about restricting food or going on a “diet”, it is about nourishing and fueling your body to function properly, efficiently, and of course help you get the results you deserve!

How is the SoulFood structured?

Each day, there are 3 main meals and 1-3 snacks: Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and post-workout snack. You get a set of recipes to choose from and we suggest that you do a weekly meal plan and meal prep. We have chosen this structure of meals to allow for meal prep and to help you save money on grocery shopping. If the meals are different every day, meal prep is not possible and this would also result in high grocery costs.

Is the meal plan macro-friendly?

Yes! The meal plan is designed to meet your exact macronutrient needs. We designed SoulFood meals to give you the best and easiest solution to eating healthy and according to your goals. The macros in the meal plan are calculated according to a 35% protein, 30% carbs and 35% fats macro ratio. This way, you will never need to use a tedious food tracking app to enter your meals and  figure out your portions, again!

Does the SoulFood plan have plant-based options?

Yes, we have vegetarian and vegan options!

Does the programs come with music?

Yes, we povide you with recommended playslist at Spotify. They are of course optional so you can also use your favourite tunes!