Meet Your Coaches

Johanna Hector

Hi gorgeous! I’m all about working/training smarter instead of harder. I love results and what I want is a relaxed mind, a passionate soul and feisty free body! I’m here to help you be the best turned on version of YOU so that we can connect and have fun together - because I believe in living a turned on, juicy life! 

If you don’t already know about my own personal journey, I want to take a minute to tell you why and how I became so passionate about helping people change their life. I used to train for 2-3 hours a day, I was super strict with my diet, I skipped most social events chasing a physique I thought would fulfill all my dreams so that THEN, when THAT day arrived, I would start to enjoy life.

For some that would have been fulfilling but for me, it was exhausting and I didn’t just starve my physical body, I starved my emotions, my creative force, and all my real desires.

Not only that, but I rarely reached my physical goals (a certain weight, getting into those old jeans, etc.), and the few times I did, it only lasted 3-5 days before I felt empty and not good enough again.

A lot has happened in the past 20 years and I’ve gained so much knowledge and wisdom. I’ve studied our body/mind/soul for a little over 18 years, I've taught more than 5000 PT sessions (so I’ve seen hundreds of bodies and personality types) and most of all I’ve tried pretty much ALL diets (name one and I’ve probably tried it). I’ve been trying to lose weight and to gain weight, to run faster, to lift heavier. I’ve been depressed, had anxiety attacks, eating disorders, carried and given birth to 2 children and been in silent meditation for 30 days.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know what it feels like, and you, just like I, deserve better! If you think that you are the ONE broken person that can’t be fixed, think again. First of all, you are not broken, you’re probably just not in connection with your soul/desires. So there’s nothing to fix.

We just need to get you connected again so that the juices start flowing, and then we can have lots and lots of fun exploring and playing with movement, food and other uber cool tools I picked up along the way. Shall we?!

Paulina Friberg

Where it all started… 

When I went to school I studied to be a chef, specialising in nutrition (I know, what an amazing job, just cooking all day long and enjoying amazing and healthy food :)) When I graduated I felt like I didn't really want to work as a chef. I wanted to do more, see more and make a bigger change in people's lives. 

So, I decided to become a personal trainer. I’ve spent the last 5 years working as a personal trainer in Gothenburg and absolutely love it! During my studies of the human body, communication, and movement everything just made sense. When it comes down to results it's really 80% what you eat and 20% training. 

I have a weird background when it comes to training. I have done it all. Played squash for the Swedish junior team, trained krav maga (which is a self-defence type of training) for 6 years and the last 5 years I have been into Thaiboxning and Boxing. And of course the typical booty building training and some CrossFit. So I promise that you are in good hands with me. 

I train 40 individual clients every week and everyone has a different goal, different body type, and different lifestyle. There is not just one way for all of us, but there is a way for YOU. 

My goal is to help you find your way and to give you the tools to transform your physical body. So you can feel that amazing, smashing and lovely feeling to be the best you can be! 

By making small changes, you can achieve tremendous results. 

Nothing is impossible here, just give it a try and you'll see!

Ida B Olsson

To be the best You! My dream is, and have always been, to inspire and help people to find health and happiness ! Trough my years of working with just that I have realized that it is so much more than just sweaty hours on the gym. It's about creating the right content in life and dynamically balancing these.

Working with SoulWorkClub gives me just that! To reach ut with my passion for running, nourishing food, restoration , movement and love!

Hope you will enjoy our programs!

Love, Ida